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Fiji Surfing Destinations

The adventure is closer than you think

Surf Tours Fiji is an accommodation and experience service operator in Fiji run by James Carney. He was raised in New Zealand but much like most people who visit Fiji, fell in love with the island style and its simplicity. 

James has cottages available for your stay near Momi Bay shorelines. Ideally located away from the urban centers, these cottages provide peace and tranquility to people who are looking for something different. Surf, explore and enjoy Fiji to the fullest.

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Surfing in Fiji

Fiji is known across the world for its epic waves, the bulk of which can be found within a short boat ride.

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Experience Fiji

Fiji has a lot to offer for adventurers. Whether you are looking to do something with your friends or with family, you will be spoiled with choices. (Photo by Scott Winer)

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Stay With Us

Our cottages are nestled in the untapped beauty of Momi Bay.

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