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Endless Years of Adventure

Hello, my name is James Carney, and I own and operate Surf Tours Fiji. I was raised in New Zealand and, like Kiwis do, began travelling at a young age. My drive for my trips was fuelled by my passion for surfing and my love of the ocean, which brought me to Hawaii, where I lived for twenty-five years. Momi Bay, Fiji became my home in 2010, and after years of surfing and sailing the Fiji Islands, I realised it was time to share some of the incredible experiences Fiji has to offer.

Fiji Surf Tours - Snorkeling 03 Photo by Scott Winer.jpg

What's In Fiji?

Bula! This oft-used greeting in Fiji translates to “life,” with its longer use ni sa bula vinaka translating to “wishing you happiness and good health.”This warm well-wishing lies at the heart of Fiji culture, which is just as vibrant and inviting as Fiji’s white-sand beaches, tropical scents, and lush green forests. 

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