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Best Surfing Destinations Close to Your Accommodation

Fiji is known across the world for its epic waves, the bulk of which can be found at the Mamanuca Islands. The Fiji archipelago is a renowned swell magnet, and there is a slew of iconic, not-so-secret locations all throughout our land. Here is a list of the best surf spots in Fiji.

Fiji Surf Tours - Cloudbreak 03.JPG


Cloudbreak, in the southern Mamanuca islands holds an almost mythical status to surfers from around the globe. It’s frequently touted as one of the 10 best lefts in the world alongside Pipeline and Teahupoo.

Cloudbreak involves a large playing field focusing on mainly 3 take off areas. The point, middles and Shish Kabobs (the inside). With size this wave can represent an intimidating experience. It's fast, thick, hollow and very shallow as you enter the Shish Kabobs area. To catch a large wave from the point all the way though the inside is truly something to savor.

Fiji Surf Tours - Restaurants 01.JPG


A fantasy left considered by many to be the best wave in Fiji. When Cloudbreak is big, Restaurants comes alive. It wraps around the western side of Tavarua Island with perfection. Long, hollow and fast waves zipping along over a shallow reef providing the ride of a life-time.

Fiji Surf Tours - Namotu Left 02.jpg

Namotu Lefts

Another beautiful left that is less intimidating than its big brother Cloudbreak. At 2 to 6 feet its suitable for most surfers whether riding short boards, long boards, S.U.P or foiling and kiting. At 6-15 feet be ready to test your skills, its long thick and barreling.

Fiji Surf Tours - Tavarua Rights.JPG

​Tavarua Rights

On the south side of Tavarua is this little gem of a right hander. Working best on glassy or northeast winds this right is fun and user friendly when  small. When large be prepared for long, thick, barreling rides.

Fiji Surf Tours - Wikes Passage 01.JPG

Wilkes Passage

A long powerful right, Wilkes passage sits about a mile northwest of Namotu. Breaking on the southern tip of the Malolo Barrier Reef, the swell comes out of deep water to form a challenging wave for any level of surfers.

Open to any swell direction, this wave winds though many sections ending in a lengthy, shallow bowl.


Swimming Pools

Another beautiful right hander breaking in crystal clear water over an amazing reef. Again user friendly when small offering extremely enjoyable peeling barrels. On larger swells it offers a perfect, thick, long, barreling ride.

Pricing - please check for extended hours

5 Hour Surfing (or Snorkeling) Trips

  • 1 to 2 people $350.00

  • 3 or more people $130.00 each

All prices are in Fijian Dollars and inclusive of Fijian government taxes.

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